Cristina D. Silveira // Mauricio Celedón

Biography Mauricio Celedón

Born in 1957, in Santiago de Chile, Mauricio Celedón starts his professional education in Teatro Petropol of Santiago and in the School of Dramatic Arts of the University of Chili, at the same time he joins the company of Mimes Noisvander with which he travels through Latin America.

In 1980 he moves to Madrid where he takes part in the creation and as an actor in different spectacles of the company of street theatre Lejanía. There he studies dance with the Dance Company of Madrid and he directs workshops of theatre and mime.

Then he decides to continue in France his education of the mime, with Etienne Decroux and during three years, in the International School of Mime drama of Marcel Marceau. That period of education with the masters of the French Mime strongly marked his career. Having finished the studies he works as an assistant of Marcel Marceau in the workshops realized in the USA, and in Paris, in the International School of Mime drama.

In the city of Toulouse he carries out his first productions of the theatre of gesture.

He works as a mime actor in the Company of Mime drama,Théâtre de la Sphère and during four years, as an actor in the Théâtre du Soleil directed by Ariane Mnouchkine. After the period of ten years of research and work in Europe he returns to Chili, in the middle of transition toward democracy. He directs over there many workshops of mime, organized with help of the French Institute of Culture and the Metropolitan University of Santiago.

In 1989 he fonds the Teatro del Silencio, a company that brings together actors, dancers, mimes, musicians and circus artists.

As an artistic director he carried out his productions searching a universal way of expression: a theatre of emotion, of gesture and of music, with the determination to create a theatrical language accessible for everybody, together with a reflection on our times.

He carries out the first creations of the Teatro del Slencio in Chili: Transfusión (1990), Ocho Horas (1991), Malasangre o las 1001 delPoeta (1992), Taca Taca, mon amour (1993) and he travels with the Company through the most important festivals of Theatre in Latin America and North America, Europe and North Africa, where he was well received by public and critics.

In 1995, Mauricio Celedón was entrusted by the director of for the French Company Cirque Baroque the direction of Candides and after his first experience with the circus Mauricio Celedón incorporates this new dimension of the circus theatre into his creations.

In 1997 Mauricio Celedón settles down in France, and since 1999, in the city of Aurillac, he continues his intense creative activity as a director of Teatro del Silencio, and he carries out his owns creations : Nanaqui (1997), Alice Underground (1999), O Divina la Commedia - Inferno (2003) Le Cas Büchner (2004) and present them in Europe and Latin America.

Since 1995, he collaborates as a director or adviser with other European companies, French (Compagnie Athra, Metallo Voice, Généric Vapeur ) and Spanish (Karlik danza teatro, Arán Dramática and Samarkanda teatro) and also in North America (Sea World Park of Miami). In 2003 and 2004 he takes on the artistic direction of the European Project Dante ou la Divine Comédie de la Rue, in Spain, France, Italy and Poland.

uring all these years Mauricio Celedon develops as well a intense activity of training carrying out workshops of Theatre, Mime and Circus in France, in Europe and in Latin America.



Biographie Cristina D. Silveira

Artistic director and choreograph of the company Karlik Danza Teatro since its foundation in 1991, and with which she created 13 spectacles, the last of them "Amloii, como lo dijo Hamlet" was given a great reception of the national and international critics.

At the same time she combines her professional work with teaching, and devotes herself to the formation of actors and dancers.

She carried out choreographies and movement directions for other companies of the region together with other directors of Extremadura. She participated in the creation of 4 spectacles for Mérida, as Medea, Agripina, Las Aves and Las Parcas, together with Eugenio Amaya, Rosa G. Rodero or Memé Tabares with whom she will share again this year the creation and direction for Prometeo.

She has a great interest in contributing the gesture and the movement to the actor's body and soul and she continues her work with other National companies and European Projects as “ El Poeta Hambriento” of Magic Net.

In recent years she has worked as choreograph and interpret with the Franco-Chilean Company of Teatro del Silencio directed by Mauricio Celedón.

Cristina D. Silveira, is actually researching a scenic language where all the techniques (dance, acrobatics, voice, gesture and movement) concur on one emotional line which shape the dramatical structure of the creation starting from the emptiness and the interpretative nudity.